Hedonism Ink


"Deirdre’s writing pushed the envelope for our audience without ever pushing beyond the bounds of our company’s persona. She immediately grasped the tone we wanted for our readers, and created classy, enlightening, and entertaining work we could count on. I recommend her without reservation to everyone looking for smart copy and professional service.”  

— Heidi Paul, Co-Founder WineCountry.com

“I so enjoyed working with the talented Deirdre for tablehopper—her writing was always snappy, insightful, on time, and let’s hear it for clean copy! A rocking writer, this one.”

— Marcia Gagliardi, the tablehopper

Who are our clients?

People doing neat things. Some of Hedonism Ink's past and present clients include Anchor Distilling Company, Benson Marketing GroupC Casa, Caldwell Vineyard, EDGE, Entre Nous Wines, Fait-Main Wines, Fetzer Vineyards, Jackson Family Wines' Spire Collection, Julien Fayard Wines, Napa HumaneStone Edge FarmSOMM Journal, Southsidethe tablehopper, Taplin CellarsVerve Napa Valley, and WineCountry.com, among many others.